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Candidate Development

1. Obtaining value from a broad and diverse network

We tap an extensive national network that includes senior leaders at major academic, research and medical institutions, as well as private and public companies, public sector agencies, and professional organizations.

Supplementing our candidate list are individuals recommended by an institution’s leaders, internal candidates, and respondents to carefully placed advertisements. One of our top priorities is to include in the candidate pool women and members of underrepresented groups.

We ensure that candidates’ skills and attributes align with the position. As appropriate, we advise candidates on resume and interview preparation.

2. Marketing the position and the client

We provide candidates detailed materials about the position and the institution and engage them in conversations and meetings with Brill Neumann and the organization’s key leaders. We explore personal and career benefits as well as any challenges associated with the position.

We work closely with our client’s leadership to court highly qualified candidates who might be reluctant to enter into the search.

3. Conducting initial in-person interviews

We conduct initial in-person interviews to understand what is exceptional about each candidate and to evaluate her/his compatibility with the organization. Our assessments are informed by a keen understanding of leadership qualities, administrative skill, and temperament that constitute strong leadership potential.

4. Providing recommendations and feedback

We recommend specific candidates to the client and inform them of the candidates’ perception of the position and the institution. To facilitate the decision-making process, we provide our clients secure, customized online access to candidate information. At this stage, and throughout the remainder of search, we regularly advise candidates of their status and take special care to communicate with those who will not proceed further.

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Our Commitment: Experienced, steadfast leadership

  • Our Principals manage and lead all critical elements of the search process – they are intimately involved with identifying, assessing, and recruiting candidates.
  • Our Principals are available to clients and candidates at all times before, during, and after the search process.
  • We will redo a search at no cost if the successful candidate leaves the client organization within a year – regardless of the reason