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Relationship Building

1. Planning the search

Every search is managed and led by one or two of our Principals, who serve as the primary point of contact for both the client and the candidates. Our Search Consultants and Operations Team provide research and organizational support.

Each of our Principals leads a small number of searches at any one time. This approach allows them to devote significant time to client communication and to develop in-depth knowledge about the leading candidates.

2. Defining the process and timeline

We carefully outline the search process to the client, incorporate their requirements, and gain consensus on the communication approach that best supports a successful search experience.

When search committees participate, we interact with them from the outset of the search. We can also assist the client in identifying, forming, and charging the committee.

The elapsed time for a search is tailored to the needs of each client, though we recommend that our clients build in sufficient time to thoroughly review candidates and ensure the selection of the best possible leader.

3. Understanding and aligning mission, goals, and culture

We meet with key institutional leaders to fully understand the client’s mission, goals, and culture (the prevailing values, beliefs, and behaviors). We explore how these align with each other and how they shape the new leader’s short- and long-term mandate. The consensus we reach with the client on these key issues inform the position description we develop, as well as the candidate pools we develop.

4. Establishing initial contact with candidates

We activate our network early on in the search to gauge the interest of potential candidates.  We also provide to these candidates the position description.

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Our Commitment: Cultivation of client and candidate relationships

  • We work with our client until the search is completed.
  • We actively build and promote diverse candidate pools.
  • We will help our client shape an effective transition for a new leader and follow up regularly once the search is completed.
  • We will not recruit the individual we helped our client recruit.