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Transition & Follow-Up

1. Supporting the transition

We aim to ensure that the transition is successful and that the new leader is prepared to establish him/herself at the outset of the appointment. As the selected candidate transitions into the new role, we communicate regularly with her/him and the client institution. At the time of the candidate’s appointment, we schedule three to five phone calls with him/her and the client to help facilitate any questions or challenges that arise. These can be joint or individual conversations.

2. Evaluating the search

As part of our ongoing effort to continually enhance our search process, we request that both the client and successful candidate evaluate the search experience.

3. Additional support

If desired by the client, we also offer optional, complementary consulting services, primarily via a consortium of partners, in the areas of:

  • Executive development
  • Organizational development
  • Succession planning

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The Brill Neumann Difference: Enduring client and candidate relationships

Because of our personalized approach, we develop lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates. These relationships allow us to continually strengthen our network and our ability to excel on future assignments.